Eleven member Pl. make eleven member coordination committee of members of Chankya Pariwar of your colony. Send names by mail with Mobile Number Email: chankyapariwar@gmail.com Mobile: 9414074074,9414173073 Tel: 0141-2337599

Welcome to Chankya Pariwar


Coordinators finance shall collect the information for financial help to the need Brahmins.

Financial assistance for education to them who want financial help higher Studies.

The Coordinator after study shall put up the cases be fore the Board of directors in monthly meeting there the funds shall be sanctioned and appropriate help shall be extended by all means.


The coordinators shall prepare the list of

  1. Schools
  2. College
  3. Others educational centers run by the Brahmins They shall motivate them to provide the Brahmins Cheaper and best education.
  4. They Character building Personality development

                  In the end Chankya pariwar request you all to choose one field and extended the service to the chankya pariwar.

Service is the mother of unity and Service the Brahmin and build the nation.

Marriage Bureau
The coordinator shall coordinate with Brahmins and collect the Bio-data of marriage able male and female and will send the bio-data through e-mail or by post according to Performa. These bio-data shall be displayed on the website and the member shall be able to bureau them as per need. The reference shall be given by the central officer. After proper enquiry all in formations shall be feed. The Chankya pariwar is trying to abolish the barriers of different sects of Brahmins so that we can unite firmly
Placement Service

Now it is a very big problem of job and it is need of the day that we must be popular about the service matter. We have to try hard for both public and private sector so the coordinators shall prepare the list of

  1. Brahmin entrepreneurs.
  2. Job Provides.
  3. Data collection of unemployed persons.
  4. Guiding them for employment
  5. Training Programmers.
  6. Creating coaching centers for employment
Chankya Pariwar coordinators shall prepare the list of all Nurses and Doctors of hospitals so that immediate help in care of emergency can be extended. A list of private hospitals owned by Brahmins shall be prepared and we shall request them for help to the Brahmins as per the financial status of the family. If required chankya pariwar shall extend the helping where ever needed
Legal aid

We are connected with so many lawyers and retired judges. We can have a legal aid committee.

Women Welfare

Along with all male members every female members of the family shall be compulsory registered. It shall be compulsory for all male members that when ever decided at general meeting he shall accompany with his counter part. Educational and women welfare programmes shall be launched for the Brahmins ladies. The chankya pariwar will look after and ensure that these should not be a single care of atrocity against our ladies.

Panditya Facility available for chankya pariwar members
Chankya Pariwar feel pleasure in introducing ....
Chankya Pariwar is designed to provide service to Brahmans.

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